You might still have some questions about the InterSib, on this page we try to answer most of them. If you remain with a question unanswered after reading this please contact us via; intersib@buas.nl or send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram.

General information & registration

When will the InterSib 2021 take place?

The InterSib will take place online on Friday the 27th and Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st of August 2021 in Breda.

How about Covid-19?

We follow the Covid-19 RIVM (National Institue for Public Health and the Environment) guidelines. Therefore we will keep an eye weekly on the current measurements to organize this event in a safe environment.

I did not receive an e-mail after my registration, what to do?

Check your spam inbox, you will probably find it there. Otherwise, send us an e-mail! We can also just check you in with your ID at the start of the day so no worries!

How do I get to the InterSib?

You can get to our campus via public transport, bike, walking or by car. There will also be a kiss and ride available. We strongly encourage you to come by bike or public transport!

How can I pay for the InterSib?

Under “Registration” you will find a page called “Payment” where it is explained in clear steps how to pay for your introduction and to make sure you have completed the registration correctly. The costs of the InterSib 2021 will be €50,-.

Is joining the introduction mandatory?

It is not mandatory, but you do not want to miss it! Because during the InterSib you will get to know all your classmates and the other fellow students. Most students reflect back on the InterSib as the moment where they build friendships for life! Since most students will join, it will not be very favorable to miss out, though when you decide not to join the InterSib it has no consequences for the academic year as it is a stand-alone event.

I am allergic or have a special diet, will this be taken into account?

Of course! When you are going to register there is a special section where you can fill out any special diets, allergies or medical concerns. We will do our best to provide appropriate meals that will suit everyone. We will make sure you are able to enjoy a nice meal with your classmates.

What if I have a disability?

Please contact us via the contact page or send an e-mail to intersib@buas.nl, so we can make this event as pleasant as possible for you.

Which studies can participate in the InterSib?

The InterSib is only for Hotel Management and Facility Management students, registered for the academic year 2021-2022.

What are the alcohol and drugs policies during the InterSib?

In the Netherlands, it is forbidden by the law to drink alcohol under the age of 18, this rule also accounts during the introduction week. You are allowed to smoke cigarettes in the outside areas. Drugs are strictly forbidden!

Where can I find my student number?

You will receive your student number from the BUas in a letter via the mail. This letter will also contain your password. If you do not know your student number yet please send an email to servicedesk@buas.nl.

Can I also participate parts of the program?

No. If you sign up you agree to participate in both days of the program.


Where does the InterSib take place?

The InterSib 2021 will take place on two physical days. The first day will take place on campus at Monseigneur Hopmansstraat 2, 4817 JS Breda, and the second day will take place in our beloved city, Breda. More information about this location will be communicated at a later notice.

What do we eat and what is included?

During the InterSib we will take good care of you! Lunch, dinner and snacks will be arranged by the InterSib committee. Drinks are on your own account.

Do I need to have/bring a Bicycle to the InterSib?

No, it is not necessary to bring your bike during the InterSib.

Is there an ATM available during the InterSib?

No, there is no ATM available. Yet you can buy consumption coins with cash and by card.

What do I need to bring to InterSib?

Please find this information on the page of the packing list.

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