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Introduction committee
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Introduction committee

We are a group of eight students of the academies Hotel Management and Facility Management.
Since January we are working hard to make your InterSib a success.
See you soon!

Elise Leegwater

Elise Leegwater

Project Manager

My name is Elise Leegwater, I am 23 years old and I am in my final year of International Hotelmanagement. I come from a small city in the north of the country, but fell in love with the ‘Pearl of the South’ and don’t think I will ever leave Breda. During my studies I have travelled a lot and lived in two foreign ‘countries’, Hong Kong and Aruba. This has taught me a lot and has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Currently I am writing my thesis and organising the InterSib, which is why I don’t have time for hobbies. I hope that this year will be as awesome and fun as every InterSib has been so far and I am glad that I can be a part of it again. See you soon!

Nynke van Hussen

Nynke van Hussen

Program Manager

I am Nynke van Hussen, 20 years old and currently in my 3rd year. This year I am responsible for creating, yet again, a great program together with Kirsten. 

What I like to do when I am off, is sailing, drinking a nice gold Witte Anker at Dok 19 and occasionally visit the nightlife of Breda.

I am very excited to make this year’s Intersib memorable and get groovy with all of you!

Kirsten van der Haagen

Kirsten van der Haagen

Program Manager

My name is Kirsten. The one thing you can wake me up for at night is a nice sweet seasonal orange. Besides eating seasonal fruits, I try to make sure that my ecological footprint is as small as possible.

Additionally, I enjoy working out on a monthly basis together with my partner in crime, Nynke van Hussen. During the InterSib, Nynke and I are in charge of the fantastic and unique program, made especially for you all!

Getting the party started is not a problem for me! That is why we have chosen Disco Inferno as the theme for this year’s InterSib. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me! Contact details: fresh-disso-orange@hotmail.com

Saar Verbakel

Saar Verbakel

Food & Beverage Manager

My name is Saar Verbakel and I am a third year student of International Hotel management at BUAS. For this years Intersib I will be managing the Food and Beverage department. I am originally from Helmond, but I moved to Breda a few years ago and fell in love with this cosy city. I highly recommend living there for the full student life experience! My hobbies include having drinks and dinner with friends, cuddling with my adorable dog and going out. See ya!

Khari Veenink

Khari Veenink

Production Manager

Hi all! My name is Khari Veenink and I am 23 years old. I grew up in the Achterhoek, a small area in the east part of the Netherlands and moved to Breda to study International Real Estate and Facilitymanagement and to have a great time here (this part worked out really well)!! Currently, I am a third year student focussing on my graduation year and of course the Intersib. I am the production manager together with Denise, which means that we take care of all practical parts during the Intersib. I hope you will all enjoy the Intersib of 2019!

Denise Roodenburg

Denise Roodenburg

Production Manager

My name is Denise, I am 21 years old and I am going to start my graduation phase in September. Before that I am doing my best to help you have an amazing first week at your new studies. Together with Khari I will be responsible for all productions at the Intersib. Besides organizing the Intersib I like to have a drink with my friends, watch some good series or you can find me working at the botanist Breda. I hope to see you all in August!
Ciao, Denise

Jasper Bosma

Jasper Bosma

Public Relations Manager

I’m Jasper, the most handsome male member of this year’s InterSib Committee. I am in charge of PR, which means that I am responsible for all the communication with our partners. These include sponsors, but also student associations, sororities and fraternities, and are an essential requirement for organising the InterSib. Together with them I hope to make this InterSib as memorable as the previous ones have been.

I love music, hate sauerkraut and absolutely despise coming home to find my room wrapped in aluminium foil.

Should you have any questions regarding the InterSib, our sponsors, or any of the associations, sororities and fraternities, feel free to contact me via +31636164402 or jasperbosma2@gmail.comSee you in August!

Tamar Teurlings

Tamar Teurlings

Guest Relations Manager

My name is Tamar Teurlings, I’m 20 years old and as from September I will start with my graduation year International Hotel Management at BUas. I was born and raised in Den Bosch, but moved to Breda since the beginning of my studies. For the InterSib of 2019, I will be the Guest Relations Manager, meaning that I will be in charge of our social media, the mommies and daddies and most importantly, be there to answer all your questions and help you whenever necessary!

I hope to see you there! Tamar

Study coaches

Below we would like to introduce the Study Coaches of the academies International Hotel Management and Real Estate and Facility Management.

Dear students,

Welcome to our great academy, my name is Myranda Aanraad, I am one of the coaches. And maybe I will be your coach for the coming two years.

Some years ago I finished my study Communication Science and worked several years as a Communication Advisor for different companies. In 2008 I started to work for BUas, first at the academy ADE and now for HM/FM. The best thing about my job are the students, trying to help and inspire them and make a difference in their academic career.

I have lived in Breda now for over 20 years and love the ‘Brabantse’ state of mind. I enjoy the good things in life, nice food with a good glass of wine, sports and seeing something of the world.

Enjoy your InterSib and see you at the Horizon building.


Myranda Aanraad

Dear Students,

Welcome at the Intersib. The coming years I will be your study career coach. What that all entails I will explain to you in your first week. To have a first impression, let me tell you some more about myself. I love to coach and train students in their personal and professional development. I am always curious what motivates and inspires you. Tell your stories and we will find great opportunities for your development! Working at an education also means constantly developing yourself. For that reason, I finished a Master education in Social Studies.  My home is in ‘s Hertogenbosch together with my boyfriend and little girl. Hiking in the forest and dancing are my hobbies. So in the weekends, you can find me at the dance floor. I wish you all a great time at the Intersib and meet you soon!

Kind regards,

Ingrid van Berlo

Ingrid van Berlo

Dear Students,

Welcome to the BUAS, a place and time you will remember and look back upon for the rest of your life. You will start building your professional career here, but equally important, you will make friends, enrich your international experience, by meeting people from different cultures and create memories that you will cherish.

About 10 years ago, like you, I myself, was at the beginning of the path you are about to follow now, and I still recall the study material and memories from that time. They will linger with for as long as you enjoy what you are doing. Make sure you enjoy and live each moment to the max!

When I was about 12 I began working in the hospitality industry and moved through different departments and cities before returning again to the BUAS. Most recently I was managing the operations of 2 hotels in Brussels.

I still live close to Brussels together with my girlfriend who is doing her master at the University of Brussels. In my free time I like to travel and meet people, see friends, cook, and I enjoy doing sport. Most important is that I always fully enjoy every moment.

I’m looking forward meeting you all and please remember that “my door is always open!”

Tim Browne

My name is Karlien Klijn, 36 years old and Study coach.

I studied hotel management in The Hague and graduated in 2002. I have worked for several hotels in London,

New Zealand and Ireland before my job here at the NHTV Breda in 2010.

I love playing games, reading, spending time with my friends & family and travelling.

Karlien Klijn

Hi Everyone,

Welcome at the BUas! The school where you will have a great inspirational, challenging and fun time during your educational years.

I will be one of the new Study Career Coaches and I’m really looking forward to meet you after the holidays!

In 2010 I finished my BBA Facility Management at BUas in Breda. Since three years I am a Study Career Coaches at the BUas and I really love to work with people and share my experience through coaching, training and motivating students. Besides being a coach, I am also course leader of Operations Management year 1 in which I learn students about Workplace Management & Design. Before working at BUas I have worked for 7 years as an Accountmanager at Camelot Europe. My job was to advice real estate owners about security, vacancy property management, facility management and real estate solutions. Within these years I learned a lot and I am looking forward to share my experience with all of you!

Besides work, I love to travel together with my boyfriend and learn about other cultures. Next to that, I like to do sports like boxing, bodypump and yoga. I am looking forward to meet you all at the InterSib!

Friendly regards,

Sanne Ouwendijk

Hi All,

My name is Marjolijn van Schaik and I am one of the coaches.

Besides being a coach/trainer I am also a member of the Organisational Behaviour Team as I have great interest in what moves people. My background is in hospitality and I did my training Hotel management & Facility in Maastricht, many, many moons ago….

Together with my husband and three sons (my daughter’s left the nest) I live on a farmhouse near to Breda. My hobbies are fitness, yoga and horse riding. I love designer handbags, shoes and dresses – call me shallow! I’m very passionate about my work and enjoy every day at the Sibeliouslaan.

I hope you feel at home with us soon and wish you a fun and challenging new episode! Looking forward to meeting you,

Kindest regards, 

Marjolijn van Schaik

Nice to meet all of you, I am Janneke!

I am very proud to be on this site, amongst my colleagues in coaching at the Academy of Hotel & Facility Management. I have already been spending almost 10 years at this Academy and has never been a dull moment.

Hope that you will experience your study career to be as I have experienced mine; full of inspiration, growing, meeting friends for life, laughing, learning, getting up after falling down and most of all, enjoying the freedom of exploring the world!

Looking forward to meeting you and your fellow classmates at the InterSib,

Janneke van Hoek

Welcome at BUas!
My name is Hanny Verdellen, Study Coach, tutor, trainer for both Hotel and Facility Management students.

I started working here 10 years ago after several sales positions at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, Hotel New York Rotterdam, NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky and KLM. Before that I studied tourism at NHTV.

Together with Maurice and our daughter Lise (5 years) I live in Horst and enjoy horses in my spare time. Besides this I love travelling, dining & wining, weekend getaways and shopping! This all preferably accompanied by good friends and/ or family!

Enjoy the interSib! and already looking forward to work with you!

Hanny Verdellen

Dear Students,

My name is Remco Vrieze and I want to welcome you to Breda University, Academy of Hotel & Facility Management.

My background?
I have a Bachelor degree in Hotel Management from the Hotelschool The Hague where I did my internship at Walt Disney World, Orlando, USA. I started my working career as Project Manager for Ins & Outs catering (exclusive catering to, for instance, heads of state and members of the royal family) and Christiaan Hanssen Standcatering (Catering for Dutch companies on International trade fairs). After this I started working at Hilton Hotels Worldwide and was the Food & Beverage Manager for the Hilton Curacao, Dutch Antilles. After getting married on the beach to my wife Karin, we transferred to Hilton Cairns, Australia. In Australia I was F&B manager for a totally different market (Japanese guests & Backpackers J).

In 2009 we came back to The Netherlands and when my wife was pregnant, the grandmas wouldn’t let us go abroad anymore and I started working at the NHTV (BUAS) Sibeliuslaan as Instructor Restaurant, Grand Café & Coffee Corner, which I loved. In 2016 I transferred to the position of Tutor/Study Coach which I’m enjoying thoroughly!! Besides my position as SC, I am part of the Operations Management team year 1 & 2, provide hospitality training to outside companies for BUAS Hospitality@Work and am the Placement Coach for the Dutch Antilles (Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba).

As mentioned above, I’m married to Karin and we now have two beautiful daughters, Noni (9) & Lina (6). We live in Hellevoetsluis (close to Rotterdam). Besides spending time with my family I like playing tennis and golf.

My values are Communication, Honesty, Fun, Enthusiasm, Participation & having a “can do attitude”!

I hope your first year is a great one and please let me know if I can assist in any way!! Have fun at the InterSib and maybe I’ll see you there.


Remco Vrieze

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