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You might get a little nervous already, a new school, new classmates, maybe even a new room! But don’t worry, we are here to help! To reduce the stress a little you will find some information here that might be helpful when preparing for the InterSib, orientating in Breda and making sure you will have a great start of the experience we call; college.

Packing List

To make sure that you will have the best time possible at InterSib, it is important for you to bring the following items.

Please take everything you would normally take with you on 2 nights away.

  • Proof of legitimation
  • Debit card and or cash
  • OV-chipcard (if you come by public transportation)
  • Powerbank and charger
  • Reusable waterbottle
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Air mattress (for 1 person!)
  • Pyjamas (warm because it can cool down during the night)
  • Sun protection
  • Your needed medication 
  • Waterproof clothing (if it is going to rain)
  • Theme clothing (to be announced) for a theme party!
  • Sporty sneakers
  • Flipflops
  • Swimwear
  • Toiletries
  • Towel for showering and a bath towel


Countdown untill the InterSib takes place



General information & registration

No, once you sign up for the InterSib you accept to participate with all days of the InterSib.

InterSib 2024 starts at the Warande in Oosterhout.

Address: Wilhelminakanaal Zuid 66, 4903 RA Oosterhout

  • You can ask your family or friends to drop you off on Tuesday and pick you up on Thursday
  • You can take a bus from Central Station Breda to busstop ‘Burg. Materlaan’ at the start of your introduction week. NOTE: The busstop is 1 KM away from the Warande.

Under the heading “Registration” you will find a page called “Payment” where in clear steps it is explained how to register and how to pay. The costs for the InterSib 2024 are €155,-.

Of course! When you sign up, there is a special section where you can enter your dietary requirements and allergies. We do our best to make sure that everyone gets good meals. We make sure that you and your classmates can enjoy a delicious meal together.

We send the confirmations manually, we do this once every 24 hours on working days. Still no confirmation after a few days? Check your spam inbox, you will probably find the mail there. Noting there? Send us an email at InterSib@buas.nl!

A full refund of the registration fee is possible when you notify us no later than 13 August 2024 by emailing intersib@buas.nl. Unfortunately it is not possible to get a refund after 13 August. More about this can be found in our terms and conditions.

Participation is not mandatory, but you don’t want to miss this! During the InterSib you will get to know all your class and study mates. Most students look back on the InterSib as the place where they made friends for life. Since most new students participate in the InterSib, it is a lot of fun to participate and to get to know new people. If you choose not to participate in the InterSib, it will not affect your school year, it is a separate event.

In the Netherlands it is forbidden to drink under the age of 18, this rule also applies during the Introduction Week. Smoking is allowed in the designated areas. Drugs are strictly forbidden!

Please contact us at intersib@buas.nl so that we can make this InterSib as comfortable as possible for you.

The InterSib is only for Hotel Management and Facility Management students, who have applied for the academic school year 2024-2025.

The InterSib 2024 will take place on Tuesday 27th of Augusts until Thursday 29th of Augusts at the Warande in Oosterhout. On Friday 23rd of August on online day will take place.

You will recieve your student number via an email from the BUas, in this email you will also recieve your password. If you don’t know your student number yet, please send an email to servicedesk@buas.nl.


No, a bicycle is not necessary for the Intersib. More information about transportation will be announced soon!

No, there is no ATM available during the InterSib. You can buy consumptions by card and with cash.

During the InterSib we will take great care of you! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks are provided by the InterSib committee. You need to pay for the drinks yourself.

You will be able to find this information on the page called ‘packing list’.

The InterSib consist of 3 offline days at the campus of Breda University of applied sciences, the Warande and in the city centre of Breda. The address of the Warande is Wilhelminakanaal Zuid 66, 4904 RA Oosterhout.


Dear parents & caregivers,

We can understand that your son/daughter going to a University of applied sciences can be a huge adjustment. A new city, home and school will be super exited for the new students, but perhaps also difficult for parents. All these changes will start with the introduction week of the study. In this case: Hotel Management or International Facility Management.

Breda University of applied sciences and the organization of InterSib 2024 wants to assure you that we will do all we can to make sure everyone will be safe during this introduction week. With constant surveillance and first-aid responders on site, we are creating a low-risk environment for the health, safety and peace of mind of the new students. And (maybe) most importantly for you: we will not allow any alcohol use during all days of the InterSib for students under 18.

If you have any questions now or later, please do not hesitate to check the FAQ or contact us via this page!

With additional questions, please contact intersib@buas.nl. You wish to speak with teachers responsible for the InterSib, please contact AHFevetns@buas.nl. We are more than willing to create a fun and safe place for your son/daughter.


To ensure everyone is and will feel safe at InterSib, we have the following facilities available during the introduction week.

  • First aid
  • Security
  • Confidant
  • Chef in charge of allergies
  • Caretakers

First aid: there will be an official First aid team available at the Warande.

Security: there will be security at the Warande at all times.

Confidant: there will be a confidant at the Warande in case you need one.

Chef in charge of allergies: the F&B team will be responsible for everyones allergies.

Caretakers: every class will have 2 senior students as so called Mommy and Daddy to take care.


Start of InterSib 2024 @ Recreatiepark de Warande

Address: Wilhelminakanaal Zuid 66, 4903 RA Oosterhout

End of InterSib 2024 @Campus Breda University of applied sciences

Address: Monseigneur Hopmansstraat 2, 4817 JS Breda

How to come here:

  • You can ask your family or friends to drop you off on Tuesday and pick you up on Thursday
  • You can take a bus from Central Station Breda to busstop ‘Burg. Materlaan’ at the start of your introduction week. NOTE: The busstop is 1 KM away from the Warande.
  • You can take a bus from busstop ‘Sint Ignatiusstraat’ to Central Station Breda at the end of your introduction week.