Tuesday the 27th until Friday the 30th of August 2019
Registration ultimately 1st of August 2019



Register new students

All participants of the InterSib need to register for the event by following the two steps on this page (ultimately 1st of August 2019).

The participation fee amounts to € 135,- (this includes: 

  • 3 overnight stays,
  • breakfast on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
  • lunch on Wednesday and Thursday,
  • dinner on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
  • snacks
  • & 3 party evenings.
The procedure for registering

In order to subscribe to the InterSib you will need to fulfill the complete the total registration process, after which you will receive a confirmation. The registration exists for the following 3 steps to be fulfilled. You will be able to subscribe for the InterSib from June 1st, 2019.

Please be aware: the deadline for step 1 and 2 is before the 1st of August 2019

Step 1

Complete the payment via BUas More.
For more information about the payment steps, you can click on this link


Step 2

Complete the Formdesk form at this link by filling out your medical restrictions or special diets.
It is obligated to execute this step as well.


Step 3

You will receive a confirmation after registering on the mail address that you have provided in the registration form.
Make sure to bring your confirmation to the InterSib.



By clicking on the button on the right, you are able to order your tickets for 1, 2 or 3 of the InterSib party-evenings

Additional information

The acts and artists for both the evenings have not yet been announced, but don’t worry, we are very certain that you will have a great time anyway!

The ticket does only allow you access to the event, you will need to leave the premises after the event and cannot stay overnight. You will need to hand over your ID/Drives License/Passport when entering and will receive it back when leaving. The transportation from and to the event should be on your own arrangement. Also, you can not leave the premises to come back later on that evening again.

Furthermore, we emphasize that it is not allowed to bring any kind of (soft)drugs or (alcoholic) beverages to the event, also you are expected to behave yourself. IC and BUas can at all times decide to prohibit you the access to the event even if you have bought a ticket, the organization’s decision is final. You can find a more elaborated document of the Terms and Conditions here. By buying these tickets you automatically agree to these terms and Conditions.

We do not expect any of these issues to be happening, we will all have a great time supporting our first-year students in their discovery of Breda’s party culture! For any further questions please contact the InterSib Committee via