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Every year the Academy of Hotel and Facility Management welcomes the new students. The following terms and conditions apply to all guests participating in any way to the InterSib. Participation means that you agree with the following terms and conditions.

1.1 Registration is only allowed if you are going to study one of the courses that are participating in this introduction; next to this the participant must be registered at Breda University of applied sciences for this particular course.

1.2 The costs to participate in the introduction will be €155,-. Without registration, You can not participate.

1.3 Safety always comes first during all of our activities during the introduction days. Instructions of staff and the InterSib Committee, therefore, always need to be followed. Every participant is expected to pursue and respect the required amount of vigilance and security.

1.4 If a participant detects a situation which can lead to insecurity, he needs to report this to a member of the InterSib Committee.

1.5 Participants who have special medical needs need to report this to the InterSib Committee in advance. This can be done via the registration form.

1.6 The InterSib Committee will ensure that the emergency plan is well communicated with all the staff.

1.7 Participants are required to follow the program; therefore it is not allowed to leave the intro without permission. The InterSib will take place at the Warande in Oosterhout and in the city center of Breda. It is not allowed to leave the premises without permission. If a participant chooses not to respect these rules, the participant will be removed from the InterSib.

1.8 By a participant inflicted damage to rented resources, the building or personal possessions from others will have to be charged to the participant.

1.9 Visitors enter and attend the event at their own risk. BUas is not responsible for any form of physical or mental injury because of attending the InterSib. This includes any hearing damage.

1.10 BUas/Warande is not liable for any damage to property and / or property of visitors.

1.11 BUas/Warande is not liable for lost or stolen property of visitors.

1.12 The InterSib committee reserves the right to cancel or change the InterSib at any time if the situation requires this.

Photography and film
2.1 By participating in the introduction, the participant agrees with the fact that there will be photos and videos made during the introduction days. These can be used for publications.

Drugs and alcohol
3.1 Usage, possession and trafficking of drugs is not allowed. It is also not allowed to take your own alcohol to the introduction. Should it be that this will be detected, you will be removed from the introduction immediately.

3.2 Smoking is only allowed at the outside areas except for the entire BUas premises.

3.3 It is not allowed for participants younger than the age of 18 to buy, receive or consume alcohol. Also, the passing of liquor to minors is not allowed. Serious consequences will follow if this rule is not adhered.

4.1 Before the InterSib a Whatsapp-group will be created with your class and mommy/daddy. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you give the InterSib Committee to use your phone number for this purpose.

For all guests at the InterSib, the following rules apply regarding clothing.

5.1 It is not allowed to wear clothing representing a sorority, fraternity or student association, whom is not contributing to the InterSib or has not signed the contract.

5.2 It is not allowed to wear clothing representing a bar, whom is not contributing to the InterSib at that moment.

5.3 Appropriate clothing has to be worn.