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InterSib Committee 2024

Hello there, nice to meet you! we are the InterSib committee 2024. Scroll further down to read who we are!

Johan van der Zee – Project Manager

Hello everyone, my name is Johan van der Zee, and I am currently a fourth-year facility management student. Over the past few years, I’ve experienced the InterSib event from various perspectives, such as Daddy and KAG15. However, this year, I’ve taken on the role of project manager. I’m excited about organizing this year’s InterSib and meeting all the new Sibjes.

Niniek Cromheecke – Program Manager

Hi! My name in Niniek Cromheecke. I am a 3rd year student of International hotel management. Just like everyone at school I have participated in the Intersib in my first year. During this week I met my best friends, and it was the start of my student life. After being on placement in New Zealand, where I organised multiple team events, I realised that I like organising. That is why I signed up for the role of program manager. This role is fulfilled by two students, so before applying I wanted to make sure that I knew the person I would do this with. When Kyona came forward that she wanted to apply, we decided we would do this together and give all of you, the new students for upcoming year, an unforgettable Intersib!

Kyona Meeuwissen – Program Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Kyona Meeuwissen and I’m in my 3rd year of International Facility Management. I’ve been working in the marketing and communications department at BUas for the last 1.5 years. This experience has allowed me to get to know many of the new students here at BUas. When I had the opportunity to join the Intersib commission as a program manager alongside Niniek, I thought it would be the perfect chance to create an introduction week they will never forget! 

Karlijn Vaessen – Public Relations

Hiii, my name is Karlijn Vaessen, a student of International Hotel Management. I am currently in my 2nd year and will be going on an internship soon. Furthermore, I am also a member of S.A. Xenia. I will fulfill the role of Public Relations during the intersib. Here I am in contact with the sponsors and the student associations, sororities and fraternities. I am really looking forward to it and can’t wait for it to start! 

Noëlle ten Hoeve – Guest Relations

Hi, my name is Noëlle ten Hoeve. Currently I am in my 3th year of the study hotel Management. The past 3 years I have been part of the Intersib as Sibje, Mommy and host. This year I decided to join the InterSib Committee, where I will be Guest Relations Manager, responsible for all Sibjes and everyone present at the InterSib. I am really looking forward to work together with the rest of the Committee to create another unforgettable week!

Thomas Siekkötter- F & B Manager

Hi everyone, My name is Thomas Siekkötter. I am the Food & Bevarege Manager for this years InterSib. Currently, I am a 3th year Hotel Management student. I rember my InterSib as an unforgettable experience and I am looking forward to creating a wonderfull experience for all of the students and staff during this years InterSib as well. 

Dennis Stolte – Production Manager

Hi, my name is Dennis Stolte. I am a facility management student. It might not be a surpise that you see me here again. I just very much like the Intersib and I hope to make it a success again this year with rest of the group!